Welcome to our School of Angels.

We offer learning and evolutionary experiences that have a profound effect on your being and your life, and in turn provide you with the opportunity to touch the emotional and spiritual lives of others in ways that are real, magical and tangible.

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The School of Angels is a realised dream very close to the heart of founder Michela D’Addario: A healing spiritual school that is inclusive, holistic, integrated, grounded in reality whilst also facilitating miracles, and ultimately liberating.

Healing Arts for an evolving world…

A School that creates opportunities for students, healers, teachers and facilitators to share and exchange truth with a broad community of people and that provides an inspiring, healing and empowering hub supporting our spiritual evolution and connectedness.

We offer Practitioner Courses, Master Classes, Workshops and Gatherings.


The School of Angels (TSOA) aims to provide a platform for IICT accredited courses in complementary therapies, offering experiential learning in healing modalities such as Quantum Emotional Healing (QEH), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Access Consciousness and Bush Flower and Light Frequency Essences…

Our Light Connection


And with these accredited courses, inspire you further with Master Classes with leading experts in their field on a variety of topics including Applied Kinesiology, Overcoming Trauma, Working with Children, Visionary Astrology, Intuitive Development, Neuroplasticity, Nutrition, Art Therapy, Energy Healing, Healing Entity Entrapment, Energetic Self Defence, Healing Animals and the Gift of Spiritual Channelling.

The School of Angels annually conducts a certified Quantum Emotional Healing (QEH) Practitioner Master Course based in beautiful Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast. The IICT accredited Quantum Emotional Healing Practitioner Master Course delivers in-depth training in the skills and techniques required for using Quantum Emotional Healing in professional practice.

Enrolments are now being accepted for our 2014 Course. For more information please visit Be a Practitioner.

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Residing in the Akashic Heart


We also have the wonderful Angelic Chakra Ascension Workshop happening at our retreat in 2014. Contact us for more information. Come and enjoy the experience of aligning with your inner wise guardian. And if you’re interested in us providing this workshop to your community interstate you are welcome to email me to discuss the possibility. If you’d like to become a member of the TSOA Community and enjoy the benefits, please email us. We’d love you to join us!







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