Meditation Kit

Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit

Quantum Emotional Healing Meditations and Visualisations for your Body and Mind.

  • Empower yourself to create positive change and vitality.
  • Reduce stress and increase awareness.
Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit

Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit

This comprehensive Healing Audio 3 CD Kit provides you with more than 120 minutes of information and techniques, including guidance to gently yet powerfully cleanse accumulated energetic imprints to enhance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

The family of Greg Becker, Director of the world renowned and respected documentary “The Living Matrix” use these CD’s:                                          “Michela immediately impressed me as the ‘real thing’. I have experienced her amazing work as a quantum healer via her CD recordings. Her body cleanse leaves us feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and entirely refreshed. Her voice is so warm and enveloping… you feel safe and protected as if wrapped in a blanket of light” Genevieve Vierling

You can choose the meditation that suits you, depending on the time of day, and the time you have available, wherever you are.

No experience with meditation is necessary, and easy and enjoyable doesn’t mean superficial! These meditations offer profound rejuvenation and relaxation.

Just 15 minutes will make a difference to your day!

Experience the freedom of profound healing when it suits YOU

- Equilibrium Breathing (11min)

- Expanded Awareness (10min)

- Grounding, Protection & Tuning In (12min)

- Rapid Head to Toe Cleanse (13min)

- Short & Sweet Body Cleanse (25min)

- Metatronic Full Body Cleanse (40min)


Why Meditation and Visualisation Work

The Energy Body

Through her decades of work with clients, Michela saw an increasing need for people to be able to reduce their stress levels and improve the quality of their energy and thinking, in their own time and on a daily basis. This unique healing meditation kit doesn’t just work with your mind, it heals the energetic impact of your emotions also.

The world is moving more rapidly than ever. If we want to successfully navigate the challenges and demands of life and realise our dreams, it is essential to take time every day to nourish and revitalise the energy of our brain and body.

The Energy Brain

Just as we have an energy body, we have, what Michela calls, our Energy Brain. Our brain emits four brain waves that determine the quality of our thinking, processing, perceptions and healing ability: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta Brain waves are our brain’s ‘default’ setting, our ‘old world brain’. It is the survival brain and if you are often agitated, annoyed, reactive, irritated or frustrated, you are likely to be operating from your ‘Beta Brain’. Our Beta Brain sees problems not solutions.

Our Alpha Brain is our ‘new world brain’. Our Alpha Brain experiences expanded awareness, ‘aha’ moments and the realm of the higher self. We meditate with ease, we feel calmer and more at peace. The Alpha Brain creates solutions. It is the thriving brain; the creative and innovative brain state. Accessing the Alpha Brain is essential for success.

Our Theta Brain opens the door to improved self healing abilities and the higher healing dimensions.

Our Delta Brain encourages deep restorative sleep, essential for reducing stress. Michela’s clients have reported improved quality of their sleep after using the Metatronic Healing CDs.

Choosing the Right Track


Clean Out Your Energetic Garbage!

You’d never dream of not emptying your garbage and we all know how messy our place would get if we let it accumulate. Your ‘inner home’ needs just the same kind of attention, with you regularly emptying accumulated energetic imprints collected on a daily basis and revitalising with fresh high vibrational energy! This is the purpose of the Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit and we invite you to experience it’s wonderful benefits.

These Metatronic healing meditations help us to clear emotional baggage and stressed ‘survival thinking’ that can block us from realising our destined potential and purpose. This kit was designed to work with all levels of both your Energy Body and your Energy Brain to maximise the benefits of taking time out for yourself.

Feel The Benefits

• Increase positive energy, mental clarity and intuitive wisdom

• Reduce internal stress and enhance inner peace and calm

• Improve your ability to listen, nurture and heal your body

• Experience the healing and creative power of your imagination

About Michela, Creator of the Metatronic Meditation Kit.

Michela D'AddarioMichela’s journey from university educated psychologist to mindset specialist and quantum emotional healer spans 30 years. Michela is also a qualified Dru Yoga teacher and body therapist. Her commitment and focus is addressing the root cause of emotional suffering and distress, assisting people to better access their intuitive wisdom, and achieve fulfilling success. Quantum Emotional Healing (QEH), founded by Michela, is an IICT accredited healing modality taught to her students at The School of Angels. Michela has been described as a healer whose ‘heart has eyes’ and she facilitates deep and profound healing of the mind and soul. More than 15,000 people have benefited from Michela’s healing, coaching and workshops.

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Are you ready to feel less stress and more calmness and intuitive clarity?

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in a kit that will benefit you day after day for years to come.

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3 Audio CD Set $197

Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit

Metatronic Healing Meditation Kit