What is QEH?

What is QEH?

QEH is Quantum Emotional Healing.

‘Quantum Emotional Healing’ (QEH) is an IICT modality, created by Founder and Mindset Specialist, Michela D’Addario, that supports the rapid and profound healing of reactive and charged ‘EMprints’ (karmic imprints held in the emotional body) thereby facilitating the client to energetically evolve (ascend).



At the essence of QEH is the concept of EMprints. EMprints are the wounds or bruises that life experiences may leave on our emotional body, mind and soul. They are stored differently to ordinary memory. Often referred to in lay terms as a person’s “baggage”. EMprints are the emotional events that get stamped on the emotional body of the psyche as a result of trauma, injury, health crises, fear, unexpressed anger, guilt, distress, grief or unwanted change. They are the emotional root cause contributor of a health issue, dysfunctional pattern of behaving and/or distorted perceptions of Self, others and the world.

Ultimately QEH perceives EMprints as a client’s emotional reality of an experience that deserves to be treated with dignity, care and respect whilst recognising the need to heal and clear them from the emotional body where they are stored.

These EMprints keep parts of the psyche split off from the whole and caught in old realities (emotional movies) and reactive patterns.

The emotional baggage that has accumulated in the emotional body creates what is affectionately known as “The Swamp”. It is seen as the driver for change. There is a recognition within QEH that there can be many contributors to the swamp both subconscious and conscious, internal and environmental, and ancestoral.

The stagnant blocked energy of EMprints can also contaminate our mental body creating negative thinking, and our energy body, creating patterns of ill-health manifesting potentially in the physical body as health problems. EMprints are like fault lines in the energy field creating energy drains, weakness and portals for low vibration energy and entities. Because they are literally buried alive in our body they can reek havoc on our physical wellbeing and vitality levels.

EMprints are usually unconscious to the person and so it is very difficult for us to clear them by ourselves.

Also because of the emotional charge associated with EMprints, we can unconsciously avoid dealing with them for fear of feeling pain, distress or even just discomfort.

The modality ‘Quantum Emotional Healing’ encapsulates an approach for clearing the root cause of deeply embedded EMprints and providing an opportunity for the psyche to not only heal but to evolve energetically. So QEH is healing as well as ascension. The person is left wiser, and operating at a higher vibration, so the EMprint ultimately becomes an evolutionary gift for ascension.

Heart of the Higher Self

QEH recognises EMprints have a huge impact on a client’s body, psyche and perceptions and that they are a gateway to a client’s energetic and spiritual evolution. In fact quantum healing of EMprints is considered to be a key to a person realising their destined potential.

By liberating the emotional body of these EMprints, the client is free to express more of their true self and therefore align more fully with their destiny, more specifically align with their destined potential.

Rather than being focused on the past, QEH is about healing a client’s future!

field of freedom

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

Now more than ever we are seeking emotional healing. We are realising the personal, relationship, spiritual and wellbeing costs of our emotional baggage.

And as our community continues to evolve, we are becoming more informed and less satisfied with bandaid solutions or with solutions that are not generating tangible results.

EMprints, are our unconsciously stored emotionally charged movies buried ‘alive’ in the body, potentially causing havoc with our thinking and our wellbeing.

With Quantum Emotional Healing (QEH), we not only diffuse the “charge” we remove it totally and allow the person’s soul energy to reclaim and expand their inner space, giving them a tremendous sense of relief and Joy.

Bliss of the True Self

Everyone accumulates emotional baggage, and so anyone with an interest in emotionally liberating themselves, can benefit profoundly from QEH.

One of the strengths of QEH is that it has helped many people, overwhelmed and cynical, who have placed themselves in the ‘too hard basket” and considered themselves failures at healing, be emotionally liberated, with a profound shift in spiritual and energetic awareness after only a few sessions.

And it is as effective with perfectionist achievers as it is with the frail or the young sensitives. QEH allows the emotional body of the energy field to be the source of quantum leaps in awareness.

Interestingly the emotions have traditionally been considered the block to spiritual and mental growth. Now the emotions can be a path to greater awareness through the heart, thanks to the quantum angelic healing vibrations that resonate very easily with emotional energy.

Given everyone has emotional baggage, imagine how many people can be potentially assisted to heal and evolve in awareness!

And with the emotional body being the source of karma and the adapted false self, by clearing the core karmic EMprints, we facilitate the person aligning more fully with their destined potential and their true self.

For 30 years Michela has been passionate about methods of healing and spiritual development. As a result of much life experience and training in a variety of modalities, it became obvious to her that people would greatly benefit from a healing process that enabled us to rapidly and effectively heal from emotional issues and reactive patterns. A process that addressed the emotional root cause whilst also offering people the opportunity to align with their destined potential and to spiritually evolve.


The modality Quantum Emotional HealingTM created by Michela is the result of this quest. And Michela is now offering the very special opportunity to you to become skilled in using this highly effective modality with our QEH Practitioner Master Course. A modality that is achieving a 90% success rate with clients. And the ultimate success of this modality is due to it focusing on you, your relationship to your higher self, intuitive wisdom and your personal council of guides.

You can experience QEH with Michela…

If you are interested in a profound healing and transformational experience that offers lasting change, consider an initial consultation with Michela.

Michela is based at the Mary Street Wellness Centre, Noosaville, where she offers Quantum Emotional Healing and Mindset Coaching for business and life. Mary Street Wellness has a team of like minded health professionals, offering a diversity of high quality health care disciplines, in a relaxed family friendly environment.

The Centre has been successfully serving the Noosa Community for more than 30 years, with Principal, Howard Frye, at the helm. Please call our practice manager on 07 5449 7958 to make an appointment with Michela


Michela D'Addario

Michela D’Addario

Read more about Michela and her healing services at Creative Evolution.



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