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We thought you might enjoy reading what people have to say about their experiences with Quantum Emotional HealingTM (QEH) and The School of AngelsTM (TSOA)

Here Genevieve Vierling gifted Intuitive Astrologer, whose visionary family member, Greg Becker, directed world renowned and respected documentary The Living Matrix, endorses Michela’s work….


Karen McElroy, accomplished Naturopath and Medical Herballist, shares why she’s enrolled in the QEH Practitioner Master Course…


Lisa vanEgmond of Inspiration Therapy shares her vision of the potential and power of QEH…
“I want to train as a Quantum Emotional Healer because I have been amazed at
how quickly and how deep the transformation has been in my own life experiencing
this modality. As a therapist I see people struggling with the wounds of their past
on a daily basis and traditionally it is only time and hard work that can change it.

With Michela’s work I can see how deep seeded pain can be shifted and
possibilities for new ways of being open up to all of us in a short amount of time.
This work is at the forefront of the human potential and consciousness movement
in Australia, it is profound and inspiring for all of those who want to make real
change in their lives and the lives of their clients. I cannot recommend this work
highly enough.

I have absolute trust in Michela D’Addario. She is one of the most unique, powerful
and grounded healers and teachers I have met. She blends 25 years of research
and experience with utmost integrity to bring us this profound and effective work
that is at the heart of true transformation.
Lisa vanEgmond
Art therapist & Counsellor
Dip Transpersonal Art therapy, Cert IV TAA
Member Australian Counselling Association

Mel Midegs, Lifestyle Therapist
highlights the alignment of QEH with body therapies and why she’s
excited to be doing the QEH Practitioner Course…

I am absolutely elated that my path has crossed with Michela D’Addario and the
School of Angels, as I know this is the right next step in my professional education.
I practice as a Lifestyle Therapist, utilising skills from my Diploma of Remedial
Massage and Practitioner Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy.

The Quantum Emotional Healing and Mindset Practitioner Courses provided by The
School of Angels will allow me to develop my practice further, assisting my clients
on a much deeper level with profound outcomes, as well as providing me with my
own personal development.

Before meeting with Michela I had heard many positive comments about her therapeutic services and the amazing outcomes her clients have experienced. She is also well known for her strong business acumen. On meeting with Michela, those comments were immediately confirmed. Michela has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I know she is ready to share and assist other therapists to evolve and improve their practice.

There is no doubt in my mind that her wish to provide this assistance is for the
higher good of humanity, and that she has the experience and expertise to
successfully achieve this.
Melanie Midegs
Lifestyle Therapist
Dip Rem. Massg.

Dyan, Animal healer
shares the inspirational benefits of QEH in addressing the emotional
contribution to Fibromylagia…

My experience with Michela and Quantum Emotional Healing on an emotional and
physical level could only be described as a feeling of release, a cleansing and a
renewal of my former self. It has been an enlightening, healing and balancing
experience, nothing of which has been found elsewhere ever before.

I went to her a broken hollow person in a very dark place. She has brought me to
heights of enlightenment in my emotional and physical self. I now cope with new challenges in a balanced way. Physically I have more energy than ever and now feel free to enjoy what life has to offer.

Michela has been amazing in getting me through the ravages of my 59 years of
pain and suffering with fibromyalgia. I will forever be grateful to her for her Quantum Emotional Healing professionalism and care.

Peta Rowney, Early Childhood Teacher discusses, how children who have
emotionally intelligent adults around them thrive and, how QEH can
support this….

I am absolutely thrilled that Michela is offering to teach her modality of Quantum
Emotional Healing. Apart from the personal benefits I am excited to be able to
adopt QEH in my work as an Early Childhood Teacher. I have had over 18 years
experience with the ACT Education Department and I rate my emotional
intelligence and my ability to teach children about emotional awareness as one of
my most fundamental teaching skills (and life skills).

It is not surprising to me that research into preschool children shows that having
emotionally intelligent adults around them, increases their ability in becoming
emotionally literate and resilient adults, compared to peers who come from
environments where lower rates of emotional intelligence in adults are shown
(Oswalt 2008, Early Years Learning Framework, 2010).

As with the NLP course, I completed in 2006, I know my training in QEH will also
greatly assist me with dealing with the emotional ‘curriculum’ and work to empower
the children I work with and their families.

Michela’s outstanding ability as a practitioner in effecting great change, quickly and
effectively has meant I have continued to consult with and attend her workshops
over many years (from 2004 – 2013). I don’t believe I would be where I am, or
who I am today (living in a very fulfilling relationship, with a fulfilling career and
feeling on top of personal challenges) without her professional support and

This is due to Michela being a master professional in her use of Quantum Emotional
Healing. QEH is infused with an extraordinary range of powerful tools and
processes. Tools which Michela utilises with the utmost skill and intuitive precision
to bring about profound insights and healing.

My work with Michela, both personally and in workshops has resulted in healing my
longstanding emotional issues and empowering me to be more confident, more
decisive, to be curious about my emotions, to be actively involved with them and
engage in creating my emotional health and well-being. Overall the QEH modality
Michela has developed has supported me in evolving personally and empowered
me to keep reaching for the best in all areas of my life.

In my experience QEH is a modality that moves somewhere between empowering
change in individuals, to working miracles! It is exciting to be part of course
offering such outcomes. 
Peta Rowney, BcEd(Early Childhood).

Robyn, Financial Planner
shares her perspective on the value of QEH, particularly in clearing the
emotional contribution to beliefs and rhuematoid arthritis….

I am a qualified Accountant specialising in Financial Advice and have worked in the
industry providing financial advice to clients since July 2003. I have been working
with Michela since late 2012 as a regular patient and in that time I have seen an
enormous change in my professional and personal life.

The Quantum healing which has taken place in that time has been visible to people
who do not know what I have been doing in relation to my emotional wellbeing,
however they have seen the change in my physical wellbeing.

I have more energy and anticipate that the future will continue to improve as I now
have a very clear focus on exactly what I want to achieve. I have suffered with a
chronic illness (Rhuematoid Arthritis) for the past 12 years, and having identified
some of the emotional contributors to this illness, I continue to improve my health
with Michela’s assistance in releasing long held beliefs and emprints.

I am in total awe of the power and joy that awareness has brought to my life and
will be forever grateful, that I have been helped by Michela and the methods that
she brings to the world on so many levels.

I am not a scientist or have any knowledge of medical issues, all I can say is that I know the unseen part of me is many times greater than the seen and while it may not be possible to measure the spirit in medical terms, in human terms it must be allowed to grow for the world to be a better place for all. Every life deserves to be lived in beauty, even with the

Michela is professional in all undertakings and I have every confidence in
recommending Michela and her modality Quantum Emotional Healing.
Robyn CPA B.Bus (Acct) QUT

Barb Brown, Practice Manager, Mary Street Wellness
shares her observations regarding Michela’s work with clients….

I have worked at Mary Street Wellness for the past 5 years and would like to tell
you about our Mindset Specialist, Michela D’Addario. This woman is like a breath of fresh air and you immediately feel calm when in her company. It never ceases to amaze me the response I see in patients after seeing her.

Michela initally studied psychology but then became a bit like the canary in the
mines, throwing herself into all things to help people and keeping with her what
she believed in from all she had experienced.

I have seen people come to her as their last hope and over a period of time see the
light in their eyes return and like themselves again; people who have had huge
traumas in their lives and after sessions with Michela have started to live again. I
am inspired everyday by this woman. She has often treated people in our
community free of charge as her concern is for the individual.

My days are a pleasure seeing people return with their eyes and heart alive.



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